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Yamaha SideWinder / AC 9000


MC Xpress  now offers Stage 2 , 3 and 4 upgrade kits  for the Sidewinder /AC9000.






Stage 2  W / Race Muffler

Stage 2

Stage 2 Kits run on Pump Premium Fue


Stage 2 W/Quiet Muffler

Stage 3

After extensive Dyno testing of the new Yamaha Sidewinder it was quickly learned that the stock Turbocharger  efficiency is only good up to 255Hp . On our Stage 3 kit we use our favorite 19T Turbocharger assy. With our special curved intercooler we lowered the intake temperature and we can now run up to 340 Hp at sea level.

Stage 4 

thumbnail_Stage 4.jpg
MCXpress has set the benchmark again , Our New Stage 4 kit has a Larger turbocharger and we have moved the oil tank to the front of the engine .
We are seeing 428 Hp on 110 race fuel , Engine needs to be built with new Pistons ,Rods and Head studs .
thumbnail_Sidewinder stage 4 110 octane.jpg
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