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Apex 290 HpTurbo Kit


                                 Pump Fuel    14-16 PSI Boost

Want to have the Fastest sled on the snow !



We have the pleasure to offer two turbo kits to the Apex 2011.

One version will be a 200 hp kit with stock compression ratio for fast

and easy installation.


Our high performance kit delivers 290 hp.

Thanks to the thicker head gasket that is included with the kit, pump gas

can be used. (90 octane PON for Canada and USA and 98 octane RON

for Scandinavia and Russia)

This high performance kit is designed for the customer that demands

nothing but the best, but still wants to have a reliable sled for every day

use and still wants to drive on pump gas.

These two kits have been tested both out in the field and in the dyno

during the spring and beginning of the summer 2010.

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