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Ski-Doo 900R 210 Hp Turbo Upgrade Kit

272162912_3046444702289200_3279343228326287654_n.jpg calls this kit "The Best bang For The Buck"

SkiDoo/ Lynx ACE 900R turbo power 210 Hp upgrade kits in stock now The upgrade kit is designed to give you the best performance possible together with reliability. During the development work we have tried to keep the snowmobile as stock as possible to make the installation easy and to keep the sled as untouched as possible. No need to send in your ECU for reflash .The MAP sensor voltage limiters will make the stock ECU happy and our control box will raise the boost and adjust fuel compared to stock. The boost will then be about 244 kPa total pressure (=About 144 kPa (21 PSI) boost at sea level) At lower rpm , the boost will be less than when the MCX EFI-box controls the boost. Clutch setup: Normally the clutch setup can be left stock. Check so the rpm is less than 8300 rpm at full throttle. (After 8300 rpm the electric controlled throttle close and the power will be less) 8000 – 8100 is perfect.

ACE900turboR 210 hp upgrade kit.JPG

Installation Manual  07/2023

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