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Nytro 240 Hp Turbo Kit

 The best kit ever built!
Yamaha has released its latest creation Nytro and of course is MCX developing a turbo kit!
The dyno test show 240 horsepower.
After one season, we can certify that both the snowmobile and the turbo kit works excellent. We have sold several hundred of turbo kits with extreme reliability.
Until the season 08-09, not much has been changed. A new blow off valve is installed on the plenum and the location of the EFI-box is changed.
The engine performs excellent! And show that with turbo we can produce more power than the standard engine at low 5000 rpm.

The location of the turbo is exactly right for most performance and throttle response,
we also have enough space to use a snow cooled precooler that gives even more power and ensure that we can use more boost for high performance.


Get more power, more speed, climb higher - get more from your machine with your MC Xpress Turbo. The kits are produced in Sweden and distributed in the USA exclusively by LEIPHEIMER Motorsports. The kits have been in development since the beginning of 2002 and come with everything you need to install the turbo system. These turbo kits have transformed a somewhat tame 4-stroke into a 330 hp competition killer!

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