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Ski-Doo 900R 250 Hp Turbo Kit

MCX 16TR MachZ.jpg

Proudly presents some info about our turbo kit to Ski Doo 900R  ACE 3 cylinder 4 stroke snowmobile.

Many people have been waiting on a competitive 4-stroke engine from the worlds biggest

snowmobile manufacturer.

And many wants to convert it to a reliable, fuel efficient and gladly a quiet muscle sled to

compete with the Yamaha turbos when we are talking performance.

The turbo kit we now started to produce will make this possible


We use –in our opinion- the best turbo on the market for this application, the Mitsubishi 16T with integrated both blow off valve and waste gate.

Extremely efficient both consider power compared to turbo pressure and very fast response. And the most reliable turbo we found.

We developed a new header with separate tubes all the way to the turbo.

big intercooler is placed in front of the sled.

The stock air intakes in the hood  secure the air flow to the intercooler.

The stock ECU will be left untouched and the external MCX EFI-system will start to deliver fuel by a extra injector we added to intake so the air fuel ratio will stay perfect when the turbo produces pressure.

increases. The power will be the same at any altitude up to at least

2500 meters. This is a great benefit with this turbo applications

The intelligent EFI-box and the TCV-valve that controls the turbo pressure

Installation Manual

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