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   Yamaha Viper +  A/C 7000             270 HP Turbo Kit

 The new Arctic Cat 7000 / Yamaha Viper is a very nice sled. And with turbo, it becomes even more fun to ride. The Nytro engine is famous for its reliability and quick response. It feels like this engine is made for turbo from the beginning. This turbo kit is easy to install. A thicker head gasket must be installed. The turbo pressure is automaticly compensated at any baro pressure, so the power is the same even at high altitude. Only high quality parts are used in this turbo kit. The turbo is the famous high performance Mitsubishi 19T, the EFI-box is our latest MCX gen 5. It is programmed for the Viper, so it is just "plug and play". Prom a PC, it is possible to adjust turbo pressure and fuel map. Extra injectors are the "giant green" from Bosch

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